Vitro-fuel conditioner VTR-5

VTR-200 inline fuel conditioner.
VTR-200 Fuel conditionerVTR-200 Fuel conditioner
VTR-200 Fuel conditioner

VTR-200 inline fuel conditioner. 

Vitro-fuel VTR-200 is a magnetic fuel treatment for preventing bacteria and other contaminates to enter the injectors and preserve blockage.

The VTR-200 has a series of magnets inside and the fuel runs through them. The magnetic field created breaks the atom molecules to smaller particles and those small particles can run through the filter and eventually burn in the engine. The result is less filter blockage and cleaner exhaust fumes and eventually better consumption.

Unlike other products sold on line that claim the same results as the VTR-200 the difference is that on the VTR-200 the fuel runs trough the magnets and on the other types the magnets are fitted outside the fuel pipes and so the magnetic field does not have the same effect as fuel running through.

The VTR-200 is fitted in line between the fuel tank and the primer filter. It can be fitted by anybody as long as you can identify the fuel line, cut the line and connect the unit with the clips supplied.


  • For diesel engines up to 200Hp
  • Inlets: 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch
  • Size: 10.5 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 0.200 kg


  • Recommended for most diesel engines as they are more prone to blockages due to the New European regulations that the diesel supplied to contain at least 15% of bio-diesel.
  • Bio-diesel by itself collects 20-25% more moisture from the atmosphere than pure diesel and bacteria is created a lot easier.

It can also be used on gasoline cars as they also collect dirt and rust from the tank etc.


  • better performance
  • less smoke
  • less fuel consumption
  • fewer filter changes


Units in box: 1