Start saving on fuel

Save fuel with our Vitro-fuel magnetic conditioner

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Οικονομία στο πετρέλαιο

Εξοικονομήστε πετρέλαιο με το Vitro-fuel magnetic conditioner

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A magnetic fuel conditioner is a device which is used to alter atomic construction and organize fuel molecules (fuel quality) so that proper combustion happens in Internal Combustion engine/automobile. As magnetic field is applied to ionizing fuel feed to combustion chamber which enhance combustion process and gives out lower emission and improved mileage

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How magnets work in diesel flow

While it is true that conventional mechanical filters can remove particles in the same size range as magnetic filters, the majority of these filters are disposable and incur a cost for each gram of particles removed.

There are other penalties for using conventional filtration, including energy/power consumption due to flow restriction caused by the fine pore-size filter media. As pores become plugged with particles, the restriction increases proportionally, causing the power needed to filter the diesel to escalate.

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VTR Magnetic fuel conditioners:

  • Increase saving in fuel use
  • Increase performance
  • Improve engine performance
  • Reduce exhaust fumes
  • Easy to install. Connect in-line

The VTR magnetic fuel conditioner is installed between the fuel container and the primary filter. The fuel is filtered, the fuel particles are broken down and the smaller dirt particles will be held by the filter which will take longer time to be blocked and need replacing and the fuel burns more efficiently. At the same time you have clearer exhaust fumes.

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Diesel and especially the new diesel you get in Europe contain a percentage of Bio-diesel. Bio-diesel by nature collects a lot more moisture from the air than pure diesel and if the diesel is not used and stays idle for long periods like not been used in the winter for a few months then it collects more water. This water stays in the bottom of the tank and some could end into the engine.

The present of water in the diesel makes it easier for bacteria and algae to build.

This is where you need to filter the diesel in your tanks occasionally to remove the collected water and what ever dirt or bacteria that have been collected.

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