Biopet 1000

Discourages the creation of fungus mud
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Τιμή πώλησης 11,00 €

Biopet discourages the creation of fungus colonies with mud appearance, in diesel, that has as a result the oxidation of fuel tanks and the clog of filters and pumps.

This phenomenon is very common when bio-diesel is used.

Biopet. This drastically reduces the fungal and keeps the tank clean. If the tank is already clogged with bacteria and mud then you must use Biosolve first before applying the Biopet.

Biosolve. This has the ability of dissolving the gel that fungal waste produces, without affecting the fungus. It also contains anti-corrosion and antioxidant additives, while protecting the entire circuit, storage, flow, feed, from rust and corrosion, which is another major threat.